Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One day I HAVE to make this. . .

However, for now I think that 120$ for a kit is a bit too much to pay for a blanket when there is no baby.
But I will make it - when the right baby comes along.

What is all the fuzz about you might think, when you look at the baby blankets. Well, first of all I love the fact that it's such a simple and pure style design.

Photo from Purl Soho

And, of course, I love the yarn. Oh, the yarn!
It's not easy to tell from the pictures here, but if you take a look at Purl Soho's photos, you will see how vibrant and beautiful all the colours are. (Their website is down for the time being).

Photo from Purl Soho

Then there is only one question left. Which colour combination should I get?? I adore number 1, 2, 3 (especially number 3!!) 4, 6 and 8. And I really like the rest.

How lucky that I have several years to make that choice...


  1. Number 4 for the tall girl and number 8 for the (now also) tall boy...

    Going to Cologne tomorrow, for a long weekend at my eldest friend with the three boys. Looking foreward to seeing the 5 kids playing together and I hope V. and I will be able to catch up at nights when the little ones are asleep.

    Big hug to you my dear,


  2. They are beautiful! I like number 3 the best. :)

  3. Dear Nina,

    I think you made some perfect choices for your little darlings. Those blankets are so beautiful...

    It sounds lovely with a trip to Cologne. Catching up with your eldest firend must be so wonderful. And the fact that all your children can play with each other makes it even more cozy, I bet.

    I'm buzy preparing Emil's confirmation. There are so many little things to take care of, so we can give him a special and heartwarming day. He's so exited. :))

    I hope that you all get a great time in France. I sure wouldn't mind going there for a weekend. :)) It was so nice to hear from you, sweet Nina.

    Take care,
    big hugs for you too,
    Ulla :)


    Oh yes, Simsalabim - number 3 is also my utter most favourite. There is something magical about the way the stripes are put together in this particular blanket.

    Have a lovely weekend. :))

  4. I love number three too!

  5. Jeg elsker dem alle, det ene er skønnere end det andet og det ville være meget vanskeligt at vælge.

    Jeg tænker nu, at det ville være muligt at strikke et meget lig disse i supersoft fra enten Holst Garn eller oppe fra den wellerske butik.

    Det skal næsten komme an på en prøve, Ulla, tror du ikke?!

    Ha' en dejlig lørdag...


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