Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabric talk

Today I dream of light, airy linen with beautiful simple dots. Like the ones from the Hullabaloo fabric collection by Urban Chiks for Moda.

 The one above is called Polka dot white and the one below is Polka dot pastel. Just my kind of colours.

I'm also in love with the Sherbet Pips collection by Aneela Hoey for Moda. Especially this one with endless rows of scarfs - and so the name has to be Scarf Stripe Cherry.

Finally I must mention this fantastic fabric from Joel Dewberry. It's Sparrows Lilac from the Aviary 2 fabric collection by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit.

It comes in several different colourways but I'm totally into this one. The purple with the turquoise and green is so lovely. I hope that I get myself to sew a tunic (for me) in this fabric - at least sometime in the future. And if it becomes autumn before I get it done, then it's okay. The colours are more autumn-like anyway.


  1. Dots, Sherbet Pips and Birds... does it get any better?
    I think we share a similar taste in pretty fabrics, Ulla. ;o)

  2. I totally agree, Katherine. We do like the same fabrics. :))

    I actually haven't bought that many fabrics lately. My sewingmachine has been a bit quiet.
    But hopefully I will get it started soon. Well, I have to because I'm making the 50ties dress for my daughter - it needs to be done by May the 7th. :))

  3. I love the Sherbet Pips so much! I have some small squares of each design and have used some in pentagon balls ... but I would love to find some more soon!


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