Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And we still wonder

After a wonderful sunny walk on the beach on Christian's birthday, everyone in my little family has an unanswered question.

It all began with our - usual - hunt for fossilized Sea Urchins. Whenever we go to a beach we commence a family quest for the fine round fossils.
The person who finds the most has won.

This time I won because of all the many fine examples I picked up. Not a normal outcome of our quests.
Christian, however, was the one who found the most special stone - and it wasn't even a Sea Urchin...

It was this beautiful redish stone, which has 2 tiny balls inside of it.
It's so amazing to look at, and it really has puzzled our minds through the last days.

What on earth is it? Which kind of stone? Maybe it's just another ordinary stone for someone who has a lot of knowledge in the stone area. But we have never seen anything like it...



  1. Jeg håber at du får et svar, for jeg aner sørme ikke hvad det er .
    Og nu er jeg nysgerrig :-)

  2. Det håber jeg altså også, Miri. :)) Jeg har søgt og søgt på nettet uden resultat.

    Dét der undrer mig allermest, er de 2 små kugler der er indeni stenen. Det har jeg aldrig set før.

    Så lad os krydse fingre for at vi får et svar - for jeg er sørme også slemt nysgerrig efter at vide hvad det er. :))

    Hav en dejlig torsdag...

  3. I love to do beach combing! All those interesting things you can find. If you should ever find out what this "ball" is- let me know- I am curious!

  4. det er da ikke rav (amber/bernstein), er det?
    it looks beautiful..

  5. It's so wonderful to go along a beach and let the wind blow out every thought from one's head, while one's eyes and hands find interesting things. :))

    I don't know yet what the stone is rahel, but I will definitely let you know if I find out. :))


    Det er sjovt det var der faktisk også en anden der foreslog. Desværre er den for hård til at være rav, og alt for rød. Den er en del kraftigere i farven i virkeligheden. Men det var et godt bud, cat. :))

  6. wow...could it be a fossilized egg? Love your blog BTW!

  7. could it be a fossilised egg?
    love your egg.

  8. Oh, that was a possibility, corina. I hadn't thought of that, but it sure looks like tiny eggs.

    And thank you so much for the sweet words about my blog. :))


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