Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well, okay then...

....I will take him!! (or buy him from Knock Knocking if you like).
Isn't he wonderful? He is one of the many tiny parts, which makes Christmas what it is....and of course he has his heart in the right place.
So has his fellow nutcracker friends....


  1. You find these cute things just with a fingers snap, don't you?

    He is sweet and will he be eating nuts as well?

    Big hug, Nina

  2. I love the nut crackers... I have some small ones, which I found when I lived in the US. They have a special place in my heart and reminds me of my time there.

  3. Not that easy, Nina...but I sometimes think loud in pictures. ;)) Sadly he can't eat nuts for real. :))

    Big weekend hug,


    They are simply fabulous, kaylovesvintage. Such colors really light up a grey day. :))


    So do I, unikarina. :)) They have Christmas written all over them. I began loving them when I lived in the UK - funny how we both got inspred abroad. :))


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