Monday, November 23, 2009

I just had to have this wrapping paper

And you know what? It only cost me about 2 dollars each. That's a bargain. I get so exited when little things like these can make my day.

I haven't removed the shiny cellophane from the rolls yet - I can't get myself to do that, because I know that it will be gone all too soon then.

How crazy is that? I bought it for that purpose!

If some of you Danes would like to buy a few rolls of the sweet Gingerbread wrapping paper, then try have a look at Rema 1000. They might just have some left...


  1. Super idé. Tak for fiffet!

  2. Absolutely adorable! You're gift recipients are very lucky =)

  3. No wonder you couldn't resist buying!

  4. Oh I know! Just wrapped the first gifts today (not with that sweet paper though but with a nice paper as well)...

    Will try my first gingerbread cookies this year hope the recipe I found is a good one... will tell you about the outcome.

    Stormy (but warm) hugs to you,


  5. Afsted afsted....super fif.


  6. Man får jo lyst til at bide papiret af.... ;-)

  7. Ja det er bare så kært, jeg måtte også have noget med hjem. Sjovt nok har jeg det modsat dig, jeg nærmest flår cellofanen af for at se hvordan papiret RIGTIGT ser ud. Tilgengæld kan jeg aldrig hitte ud af at bruge det sidste i rullen og på den måde vokser mængden af gavepapir over alle grænser...

  8. Tak for tippet! Jeg skal ud af døren lige om lidt, og turen kommer ganske bestemt til at gå forbi REMA 1000....

  9. Hi, I am very interested in the book 'it is true', but I can only read english! Do you know if it is available in english. I'm having no luck with amazon or google.
    thanks very much

  10. Dear all, I'm glad that you shared my hapiness about the 2 roles of wrapping paper.
    It's funny how we can get excited about sahpes and colors. I love it! :))

    And to you Bugsygnomes, I sadly haven't seen the book in English. It's a fairly new book written by Annette Danielsen. If you should decide to get it in Danish, ships to other countries. :))

  11. Åh, det kræver da vist lige et smut i Rema 1000 - for nøj, hvor er det skønt! Jeg fandt noget forleden med Babuskaer på - også i Rema 1000.

  12. I bet you had !!
    I'd have too ! it is so darn cute !


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