Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Lilleput" by Lenealve

seedling , originally uploaded by lenealve.

You have to see this wonderful pattern, which I bought last night. Isn't it just gorgeous? I sure think so...

I'm so into details and this cardigan has loads of stunning details. Especially the embroidery and the fabric covered buttons under the sleeves.

It's designed by Lene - a Finnish woman with an amazing talent if you ask me.

But I think that you had better take a closer look at the pattern at Lene's blog. There you can read much more about it, and see several more beautiful pictures of "Lilleput".

If you get tempted as much as I did, you can buy the pattern here on ravelry.


  1. Wonderful! The embroidered patch pockets are adorable. I wish it came in bigger sizes as I just can't seem to find a baby to knit for these days.

  2. I feel the same way too, icicle. :)) So full of beautiful little details.
    I know exactly what you mean by not having a baby to knit for. I have the same problem right now. ;))

  3. Hold op hvor er den SMUK elsker vendestrik men det farveskift er bare lige i øjet ;-)

  4. Dear Ulla,

    you are a patient knitter! WOW!

    I would give up very soon, I guess, I loved to knit Baby Pullovers a lot (even before I have been even pregnant) but you knit with thin wool, beautiful patterns, just very very nice!

    Warm fireplace greetings and loads of lighted lanterns,


  5. It's really very beautiful! And the pockets are just stunning - so funy and jolly :)
    Well, why almost all the beautiful patterns is just for babies? I really would like something in that style for myself :D

  6. Den er bedårende!!God dag;0)

  7. Det er simpelthen fantastiske ting, hun laver.

    Tak fordi du deler, kære du ;-)

  8. Jeg blev simpelthen også bare vild med den øjeblikkeligt, Wenche. :)) Den er så enkel og samtidig utrolig detaljeret.

    Hav det rigtig godt og god weekend. :))


    Dear Nina,

    I'm looking forward to trying this pattern, Nina. I love stripes. :))

    Sadly there aren't any babies to give presents at the moment.
    And thank you so much. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend - it sounds so cozy at your place. Did you get snow by the way??

    Autumn hugs,


    I totally agree, Jurga. It's an amazing pattern - so well made.

    It would be wonderful to have this in a bigger size too. I love that A-shape at the moment. :))


    Ja, jeg er også bare glad for at have fundet det mønster, Birgitte :)) Jeg er vild med alle de tanker som der må være blevet gjort i tilblivelsen af denne lille trøje.

    Også en rigtig god dag til dig - og weekend. :))


    Det gør jeg med glæde, Jeannette Mariae. :)) Så smukke mønstre skal man bestemt udbrede. ;))

    Jeg ville simpelthen så gerne se mere af hendes broderi, for jeg tror at det er helt fantastisk.

    Hav en rigtig dejlig weekend. :))

  9. Gorgeous cardi, I'm going to buy the pattern tonight.
    Your blog is lovely.

  10. Uha, hvor den er skøn. Vi venter en lille pige i omgangskredsen. Måske man skulle....?! Hun kommer til at blive så rigelig begavet med hjemmegjort. Alt vel, Ulla....!? kærlig hilsen Mette


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