Thursday, April 05, 2012

Number 5

Rose baby hat by lille-ursus

Rose baby hat, a photo by lille-ursus on Flickr.

While I'm knitting the other projects, I have started yet another Djævlehue.

This time I know that the baby is going to be a girl, so it was finally time to try out the pattern with a fine lace. I love how it frames the chubby and sweet cheeks in a baby face.

It's so fun to make the lace. I'm no good at envisaging how a written lace knitting pattern will look like in the end, so it was with excitement that I started it. Especially with my other failed attempts with lace knitting in mind.

The pattern is made by Lene Holme Samsøe and from her book Sødt og Blødt. It has numerous patterns which I have used through the last 6 years.

If you don't have the book, I can highly recommend it. It has been reprinted and I actually saw it in a supermarket the other day, for the minor sum of 50 Danish kroner! Much, much less than the use value of this gorgeous book...


  1. Det er en av mine yndlingsbøker! Og ble så glad da jeg oppdaget at det var kommet opptrykk, så jeg kan feks gi i barselgave til strikkende mammaer.

    1. Det er helt bestemt også en af mine yndlings, Merete.

      Du har fuldstændig ret i at den er perfekt som gave. Jeg har sågar haft lyst til at købe et par stykker af bogen, til at have på lager som gaver. ;))

      Rigtig god torsdag. :)


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