Saturday, April 21, 2012

The - almost - perfect cardigan

In the newsletter from lovely Bettekun, I saw this fabulous cardigan designed by Kaffe Fassett. It's so much me. The colour makes me smile and the big redish dots make my smil even wider. Don't you know the feeling when you find a piece of clothes, which really appeals to you? It doesn't happen often for me, but today I were lucky.

Cardigans are almost a must for me. They are so easy to get rid off when it gets too warm. No troublesome sweaters, which make me fell irritated in the blink of an eye, and stuffy if they are too tight in the neckline. I hated that as a child, and I hate it now.

Source: via Hanne on Pinterest

I definitely have enough yarn for now - and many years to come - but this cardigan I had to have. The stripy Liselotte cardigan I'm kniiting for myself, is coming along fine. (I'm still amazed by the yarn).

Maybe I will have it done in time for warmer spring days. How wonderful it would be to be able to take of a cardigan, because it's sunny outside...


  1. I loooove that cardigan. Oh no, now one more project for the queue....

  2. I totally agree, Lone. :)) It's just the most gorgeous cardigan - I were so hooked on the colours right away. I can't wait for the kit to arrive.
    Do let me know if (or should I write when?) you start a similar one. :))

  3. Det er en meget smuk cardigan. Farverne og mønstret er helt forrygende.

    Jeg glæder mig ogstå til at se din version af 'Liselotte cardigan'... Kh. Jeannette Mariae ;-)

    1. Jeg kan også så godt lide den, Jeannette Mariae. :))
      Jeg fik strikke-kittet i dag. Så nu gælder det om at lave "Liselotte" færdig før jeg går i gang med den anden cardigan. Jeg kan ikke love at det lykkes - måske skal jeg lige strikke en pind eller to på den prikkede cardigan. ;))

  4. Hello! I found you via Ravelry and I am so very glad I did. That cardigan is totally me too although I need to be a little braver in my knitting skills to tackle it! Your blog is refreshing and colourfully inspiring. Just what I needed this grey morning.



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