Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kiki in the Meadow

                                                                       Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

Some months back I started collecting the pattern and tutorials for wonderful little Kiki in the Meadow. Maybe you can already tell who designed this lovely doll - it's sweet Juliane aka Frk. Skicklig.

The pattern has been a free gift in the magazine Handmade Living - along with very fine and useful tutorials.  Thoroughly prepared and presented in a easily understancable way. Such a wellknown characteristic of Juliane's work.

I have enjoyed it so much to be able to see the talented and gorgeous work from Juliane's hands again. I have really missed her blog, and her always surprising ideas...but probably most of all her sweet mind.

Hopefully I will get Kiki made this winter or spring. Her hair is simply too irresistible...


  1. Nyyydelig hår! Det gjorde hele dukken, jeg falt pladask!

  2. Ja, hun er sød hende Kiki, hun er dygtig hende Juliane til at lave de dukker. Det har jeg altid syntes...det er jeg bestemt ikke ene om :-)
    Dejligt at se at du er tilbage på pinden Ulla.

  3. Oh my yes, that hair is adorable! I hope you'll post your progress.

  4. The Fröken... Kiki is too sweet, isn't she?

    Hope your nose is not a much freezing as mine, the kids are having a week of ski-course and the wind is freezing (well, temperatures are as well), winter is finally here, brrrrrr.

    All the best dear Ulla!

  5. Oh and she is blogging again... Juliane I mean.

  6. Oh, what a surprise, Ulla! Kiki´s photo popped up in my blog reading list - thank you so much for your lovely post. Warm greetings from me (and Kiki)

  7. Sådan havde jeg det også, Merete. :)) Jeg holder rigtig meget af julianes dukker, men hende her med de små "frikadeller" i håret, som vi kalder dem i Danmark, er bare noget særligt.
    Jeg håber at jeg kan få hende lavet. :))


    Helt bestemt, Marie-Louise. Kiki er så skøn!:)) Julianes dukker har deres helt eget fine udtryk. De faldt også i min smag fra jeg så dem første gang.
    Og tusind tak for de søde ord. :))


    I love the hair as well,
    Christina. :)) A brilliant idea - Juliane has a lot of those. :))
    I will definitely show my Kiki once I get her started.


    She sure is, Nina:)) I would love to make Kiki some time soon. And how cool that Juliane is back. :))

    It sounds so cosy with a skicourse for your kids. I really miss skiing - if only I could do that as I used to.
    We have some cold days as well, and they are getting even colder in near future. I love snow and frost in the air.

    I can hardly believe that your tall girl is starting school in a few months! Getting the new bag is definitely a big moment. :))

    Take good care, sweet Nina.


    My pleasure, Juliane. :)) I hope it's okay with you.

    I have been expectantly waiting during the months of collecting Kiki's pattern. What a thorough and big work you have done.

    I bought 3 magazines in real life and one on Yudu - sadly I have some trouble printing out from Yudu, but hopefully I will figure out why I can't do it.

    I have had you on my mind many times - thinking about how you were doing. I really hope that you are doing well, or at least

    How wonderful that you are writing again. I'm happy that you feel like doing it along with all your doll courses.
    Take good care - and thanks a lot for putting Kiki out there for us to make and enjoy.


  8. I so agree with you ( about Juliane and Kiki). I already made two of them. I'm waiting for your Kiki to come, now ;-)
    Have a nice February month ! Here in France, it's begining with snow !

  9. I also already collected the pattern and plan to make my own Kikki. And I will be in one of Julianes Workshops soon. Yay!

  10. I saw your beautifuls Kikis, Labistrake - they are so lovely! You are really good at making dolls. and all the fine details. What a pleasure to look at. :))


    Lucky you jademond. :) I would love to go to one of her classes as well. I'm considering e-classes - that's so smart too. :))


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