Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For little cold ears...

Later this week we are going to see little Agnes. So I had to make her a little something.

With the leftovers from the cardigan I made for her for Christmas, I knit this funny looking hat.

It's from Drops Design and you can find out how to make it right here for free. The pattern is easy to make and the hat can be finished rather quickly. But it does require that you can read Danish, Norwegian or Swedish...

BUT luckily I were wrong about the language part!! I just found out that the pattern comes in so many other languages. Go have a look at ravelry. :)

For little cold ears..., a photo by lille-ursus on Flickr.


  1. Nåhhh...endnu en skøn ting i ministørrelse fra din hånd! Kan altså godt li' din stil... Den lille Agnes bliver fin!

  2. what a beautiful hat. I remember crocheting a hat in a similar shape when my daughter was a baby

    Kate x

  3. Mange tak for de søde ord, Rikke. :))Jeg er glad for at du kan lide mine små projekter.
    Jeg bliver aldrig træt af at lave baby og børne ting. ;)
    Nu håber jeg bare at den lille Agnes kan have sine kinder og sit hoved i huen - men ellers tager det jo ikke alverdens tid at lave en større en af slagsen. :)


    Thank you so much, Kate. :)) I liked that the shape was a bit unusual.
    A crocheted hat must have been cute. I'm crazy about crocheted stuff at the moment. :))

    Ulla X


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