Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Crocheted garland for Ida

Crocheted garland by lille-ursus
Crocheted garland, a photo by lille-ursus on Flickr.

I can hardly believe it - I made my first crocheted garland.

A while ago Anne-Sophie asked me whether I would do her a big favour. She wanted to give her dearest friend Ida (whom you might remember is our niece and cousin) a crocheted garland as a part of her birthday present.

Of course I wanted to help, so Anne-Sophie bought the materials and I did the work.

The beautiful garland which I had seen on Karen Klarbæks blog, also came with a free pattern. Perfect for me. Thanks a million to Karen for her generosity.

The pastel coloured bells

And to my pleasent surprise I picked up the crocheting very fast. A new kind of crochet stitch has been added to my mind - and hands! As the very last thing I added fine little bells in pastel colours, which made me think of spring.

Luckily Ida liked the garland...and I need to make more for my own house and garden.


  1. So cute!! Love the little bells Ü

  2. lovely. I have never seen a crocheted garland so far!

  3. Dejlige farver og de små bjælder er prikken over i´et :-)

  4. Fint... Gad vide hvor du har de fine små klokker fra?? :)

  5. Sure she liked it - who wouldn't?


  6. I love this garland, such pretty colours x

  7. Thank you so much, Guro, Anne, Nina and Kate. :)) I'm happy that you like the garland - and that my niece Ida did too. ;)
    It was much easier to make the garland than I thought it would be, and now I'm a tiny step further in developing my crochet skills. ;)

    Jeg er også helt vild med de små bjælder Miri og Rakel. De gjorde en forskel. Der har været en bjældeklang uden lige mens jeg syede dem på. :))
    Rakel, jeg købte dem på etsy hos The Spirit Bear. :))


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