Friday, February 17, 2012

All the way from Italy...

...came these shiny bells. They look as if each and every one has been painted and lacquered - one after the other.

The most lovely bells I have ever seen. So I ended up buying the stock of this particular kind. 

It will not be long before I have to use a few of them. But the rest will be saved in a transparant box. Or maybe I should put them all on a long piece of string, and let them do what they do best - jingle.


  1. Oh they look beautiful indeed, Ulla. So very colorful...

    Have a great weekend with some jingling...


  2. Hvor er de fine. Hvor har du købt dem Ulla? Hvis jeg må være så fri at spørge?

  3. I adore the sight of them, Nina. They have the very right colour - especially the pink one and the blue. :)) I'm such a sooftie for haberdashery. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend too.

    Ulla XX


    De er nemlig rigtig fine, Marie-Louise. Jeg har aldrig set den type før.
    Jeg har købt dem i Italien og ved ikke om de har fået fornyet deres beholdning, efter jeg købte 5 poser á 20 stk. De skrev i hvert tilfælde bare at de var løbet tør.
    Men prøv at kig her på Penny :)

  4. ohh, i love those!
    going to pennybeads right away =)
    thanks for the link!

  5. They're lovely ... I could just see them around the neck of a child's hobby horse :D

  6. Hvor er de bare lækre !
    Jeg får faktisk helt lyst til at spise dem :-)


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