Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My intensions were good...

When we packed our bags to go on holiday, I also prepared a fabric tote and a plastic bag with items for all the crafting I was going to do in the cottage we rented at the North Sea.

I brought linen, embroidery floss, cotton yarn,
the 2 new embroidery kits I recently bought, more yarn, hooks to match the yarn, a pair of scissors, large pieces of extra thick carton and 2 different knitting books.

As usual my husband laughed at me when he picked up my stuff, and put it in our car.

But I knew that I would get to make loads of things from all my supplies, so I didn't mind him laughing...

Something and yet nothing... by lille-ursus


The things you see in the photo, are what I got around to making in the 7 days we were there! 3 lousy attempts at crocheting cirlces and a tiny pile of carton hexagons for a patchwork blanket.

Never before have I made ​​so little handwork during a holiday...I wonder what happened?

Well, I know the answer to that question myself. I simply enjoyed being with my family  (I always do that!)  playing, talking, bathing and all the other lovely things you make with your loved ones, when everyday life has been put on standby for a while.

And I loved it - SO much.


  1. Ulla, kom du ned til mig en smut, så skal jeg dælme lære dig at hækle, jeg ved du kan - du har bare ikke opdaget det endnu :O)

  2. The important thing is that you had a good holiday :D

  3. Kære Hanne, det lyder bestemt ikke ringe - sikke et sødt tilbud! :)) Du er uden tvivl er rigtig god læremester.
    Og så er jeg glad for at du tror på mine endnu ikke opdagede hækle evner. Uha, jeg synes de er gemt godt af vejen. ;))

    Og så du som solen skinnede i dag?? Sommerkjolen kom frem - hvor var det bare herligt. :)) Lad os håbe det bliver ved igen i morgen...


    You are so right, Annie. :)) We had such a lovely time together. And being away from home is always nice.
    I have loads of time ahead of me to do a bit of crafting. :))

  4. ah, well, that happens! I'm impressed you got some done at all! I always take my sketch book along on family trips, and it always seems I never get around to cracking it open!~

  5. :-) Kender det !
    Jeg plejer så også at slæbe et halv tons bæger med :-)

  6. It's funny how we all have our own habits concerning holiday and being creative, Heather.
    But I guess that it must be a very good sign, when we don't get to do anything. Then I'm sure that we have been relaxed and have enjoyed the company of our loved ones. :))


    Det er godt at jeg ikke er den eneste der slæber med i stor stil, Miri. ;)) Og hver gang er jeg lige overbevist om, at jeg nok skal få brugt det hele. :))

  7. That's what a good holiday should be about, shouldn't it? Just enjoying and having a good time!

    XXX Nina

  8. Definitely, Nina - and it was so nice. :)) I hope that you are having a similar time with your family these days.

    Take care,
    Ulla XXX

  9. Well, dear Ulla, we will...

    Kindergarden will end this week, so starting next Monday the girl is home with her brother and me and just a few weeks more and we will be off for our holiday all four of us. To enjoy sun (which is not very much seen here these weeks), beach, sea and good food at Mallorca...

    So just some more weeks to go and we will have our vacation for this year - soooo looking foreward to this.


  10. Now *that* is *my* kind of holiday !!! You wouldn't have enjoyed yourself as much had you not had all of your craft projects surrounding you... and thank goodness you didn't have the time for them as much as you thought.

  11. hahaha, it happens to me also... i love the little pile you made. i have been crocheting circles lately and i have difficulties with the increases... have you heard about the magic loop method?
    good thing you had a great time. there will be more time for crafting when autumn comes...(feels like it already over here with all that rain)

  12. It sounds like wonderful times ahead for you and you family, Nina. I definitely wouldn't mind going to Mallorca. :))

    We have finally got some sun and warmth here. It was much needed!

    Have a lovely time. :))

    Ulla XX


    Jen, i think that you are so right! :)) If I had left my crafting stuff at home, I would have been annoyed about thinking about not bringing it with me. Isn't it funny how things can make a difference sometimes. ;))

    We definitely had a lovely time anyway and that was the most important for sure. :))


    I have never been good at crocheting, Studio Meyer. Eventhough my mom did a hard job teaching me how to do it, I never seemed to get the idea. My crocheted things always ended up being pyramid-shaped. ;))

    I don't know what the Magic Loop method is about, but I might have to looking into it. :))

  13. hi Ulla,
    the magic loop is great for beginning a circle. you'll find videos on youtube on how to do it if you are interested. you simply form a loop and crochet into it- later it is pulled tight. I have given up crocheting circles for the moment and i'm making long strips for the kids to play with, i know, i'm a coward:)
    kind regards, anne

  14. oh, well good for you Ulla! sounds like you had a nice time with your family and that's the best thing of all. I bet they loved having you all to themselves! xo amy


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