Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In the making...

Stof & Stil had a sale and I bought some very cheap and light fabrics to use for summer dresses. For me.

The pattern was one I had already and today I started the cutting of the different parts.


I love the feeling of feathery and airy dresses when the weather is warm - and that is how I hope these dresses will be.

The embroidery on this tunic is almost done, but I'm out of orange embroidery floss, and have to wait until we go to a bigger town where I can buy more.

Lots to do...and hopefully soon lots of new dresses and tunics to wear.


  1. Dejligt! Det er fantastisk at få fat i skønt stof til sommerkjoler, ikke?

    Jeg glæder mig til at se, hvilke fine fine femi-kjoler du får fremstillet. Jeg har faktisk købt samme mønster til en kjole til min ældste datter, meeeen, måske ku' jeg finde ud af at øge mønsteret "lidt", så jeg også ku' få mig en ny sommerkjole.... Hmmm ...

  2. Jo, det er skønt at finde sommer stof - let og luftigt er så rart. Og at det var billigt oven i købet gjorde bestemt ingenting. :))

    Hvis ikke du har held med at forstørre din datters kjolemønster så sig til. Så tegner jeg hellere end gerne den størrelse af som du skal bruge fra mit mønsterark. :))

  3. Sweet fabrics you chose, and yes, I like the dress as well.

    The birthday party went very well, the kids had fun and were happy and so were we (daddy and I).

    Have a great rest of the week,


  4. The fabrics are sumptuous! Happy dress making. I'm sure it will be very pretty!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics - I can't wait to see the finished dresses. x

  6. Thanks a lot, Nina. :)) I hope that the dresses will be good. I need some that's for sure...

    How wonderful that the birthday party went well. It's always exciting when one throws a party like that - children can be full of surprises. :))

    I love the feeling of having had a lovely party for one's children. To see their joy and happiness. :))

    Have a lovely weekend.



    How sweet of you Christy - thank you very much. :))

    The dresses are still just cut out - we have been so busy lately that I haven't had the energy to sew. But I think that they will be done soon anyway. :))


    Thanks a lot, Florence. :)) The fabrics were so cheap. I had been looking at them earlier, but forgot all about them. So when I saw them on sale I was so thrilled - and bought them right away... ;))


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