Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 knittings

Well, I can't prove it with photos, but the little brown Norwegian sweater for our niece is done. I finished it this Friday and actually thought that it wasn't that girly.

You see, I believed that we were going to get a nephew - and bets have been lost due to that opinion! - so I thought that the sweater would be fine.
But as it turned out to be a girl, I would have loved to add a tiny cross-stitch heart on the front of the sweater. That I didn't have the time to do, so I sewed on the 4 wooden buttons on the shoulders with pale pink thread.

Now I'm back to knitting the marine cardigan for Anne-Sophie. I hope to get it done soon, so she doesn't have to freeze.

Once in a while I pick up another little knitting, which I started yesterday. A classic Djævlehue for little Agnes - that's what our niece is going to be named.

The pattern is from the magazine Hendes Verden and you find it right here - sadly it's only in Danish. But if you have a look on ravelry there are some patterns for Dvævlehuer (devils' hats) in English.

And don't get scared - you might see real Devil hats too.....


  1. Wow! That was so fabulous. You're so great. How did you do that? Seems like you're a magician. =D
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.


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