Monday, August 16, 2010

A barter deal

When I saw the pattern for this cardigan in Hendes Verden, I knew that it would be perfect for Anne-Sophie. She loves to put on a soft and big cardigan when she has some time off, and always tends to wear my favourite cardigan. Here at home and in her own apartment...

So it didn't take me long to ask her, whether the above-mentioned cardigan could work as a suitable replacement.

Anne-Sophie liked it, she picked a color and I bought the yarn - Garnstudio Paris - right here.

The big needles and the thick yarn make the work go a bit faster than usual. That suits me just fine - the sooner the better I will get my cardigan back in my closet. ;)


  1. ... and the cardigan will smell like Anne-Sophie!

    I think it's wonderful to wear things from your Mom when you're young...

    XX Nina

  2. Jeg har også set mønsteret, og har det lige som din datter.... Jeg tror at sådan en cardigan må på listen over næste store strikkeprojekter

  3. You wish.. Tror du at hun frivilligt giver afklad på dine cardigans selvom hun får sin egen ;o)

  4. How wonderful! I love the looks lovely and cosy!
    I just finished knitting a capelet for myself and it is waaaay too small, but looks beautiful on my 8year old daughter! I knitted it in Debbie Bliss chunky cashmerino.
    I can't wait to see Anne-Sophie's cardigan.

  5. And I love that, Nina. :)) Actually Anne-Sophie didn't bring my cardigan to Thailand (no wonder!) and when I missed her too much, I just had to smell the cardigan...for a bit of Anne-Sophie. :))

    It is wonderful wearing one's mom's things - I remember doing that a lot too. But oh my, it can be annoiyng when a pair of shoes, a piece of clothes or a pair of earrings aren't in their usual places when I need them. ;))

    Take care,
    XX Ulla


    Jeg faldt bare for den med det samme, Rosanna - ja, faktisk vil jeg gerne have en selv. Eller jeg kunne jo låne Anne-Sophies! ;))

    Den er superlet at strikke og arbejdet skrider hurtigt frem.
    Jeg synes faktisk at Hendes Verden har rigtig mange fine mønstre.
    Har du set alle de skønne børnemønstre i denne uge? Uha, de er søde. :))


    Jeg tror du har ret, Karina. ;)) Min cardigan vil lige så stille tage turen med ind til Anne-Sophie igen og igen, lige meget hvor mange nye jeg strikker. :))

    Men jeg kan nu også godt lide tanken om, at hun gerne vil bruge trøjen - måske er det fordi den dufter af mor? ;))


    Thank you so much, millie. :)) Cosy is the exact right word for a cardigan for Anne-Sophie. She loves to be cosy.

    I'm sorry that the capelet got too small, but I bet your daughter feels lucky. :)) It sounds like such an elegant one - and made from cashmerino! Lovely...

  6. Thanks a lot, Kay. :)) Anne-Sophie wanted this color. I guess it's because it goes well along with so many other colors. :)

  7. And she is lucky to have such a wonderful cardigan made for her with love ...

  8. Oh, how sweet of you, Barbara - thanks a lot. :)) It's true that I will put as much love as possible into the cardigan. :))


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