Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Number 2

Did you know that number

of this fabulous book

is on it's way - this autumn??
 I will definitely look forward to that.


  1. lovely looking book. i love the cover!

  2. Oh sometimes I wish I could read Danish!

  3. So do I, Christy...and that A-shape is really is so becoming for both children and grown-ups.
    The same authors have made some really amazing sewing books as well. :))


    It's always annoying when great things are written in unknown languages, Millie - I know the feeling; especially from ravelry. ;))

    But if you have a pattern in Danish you want to have translated, then please let me know. I will help you any time. :))

  4. Hmmmmmmm.... Jeg er slet ikke så begejstret for vendestrik, øv! Jeg kan ikke få det til at se pænt ud, også synes jeg, at mit vendestrik alt for hurtigt kommer til at se FOR hjemmestrikket ud....
    Men jeg så en stangsmart vest i vendestrik hos Tante Grøn, så måske skal jeg ikke opgive helt endnu... Hmmmmmmm

  5. Thank you...thats very kind. I use translator for stuff online, but as I'm sure you know...they don't always get it right!

    By the way what does Lille Ursus mean? I have a feeling it's the name of your street? In our world an Ursus is a tractor?


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