Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just call me a cow...

...(or should I say calf) if you see me in a dress or tunic made from this bubbly fabric, sometime in the future.

Of course it's Marimekko who made it, and it has actually been around for a while. I even saw it in my no longer existing favourite shop. Why on earth I didn't buy it then, is a puzzle to me!

But it's still available in some online shops, and I hope to get these playful calves on my fabric shelf sometime soon.

Futhermore I hope to start sewing again....things have been rather stagnant in the crafting area, as you probably already have discovered. But I simply haven't put a lot of effort into it, because of my silly back. As always it takes a while, and when I'm a bit better I promise to make something to show you....and not least; for my own sake.


  1. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog. I like your about me page:)
    I love the cow too and every time I see it in the store I wonder why don't I buy it already!

  2. Skønne køer!!! Så må du også kalde mig ko ;-) Glæder mig til at se hvad du forvandler det til


  3. Jeg vil bestemt ikke kalde dig en ko !
    Men stoffet er skønt :-)

  4. i think i would moo should i see you in the fabric!!! hope that back pain is easing - i know it well x

  5. Mari, I'm happy that you found my blog. :)

    I think that the cow fabric is so gorgeous too. Maybe we both had to check it out several times before we buy the fabric. I hope you get it some time soon. And it will be funny to see what you will make out of it. :)


    Ja, ikke, Wenche! jeg elsker deres kåde udtryk og så er farverne bestemt også en del af glæden ved stoffet.

    Jeg er nødt til at have købt det snart - jeg kan lige se det for mig, hvor skønt det vil se ud når det er syet op. :))



    Nej, måske ville jeg også kigge en gang eller to, hvis der var nogen der virkelig kaldte mig det, Miri. ;))

    Stoffet er bare så flot. Og der er bare kommet mange fantastiske nye designs af Marimekko. Man kan næsten ikke vælge. ;))


    That would indeed be cheerful, Louise. :))

    My back is feeling a bit better - it's always there that horrible pain. It's just a matter of how much pain...but you know how it feels - sadly.

    I really miss the days before my accident - I miss going skating, skiing, well everything that I can't do today.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Louise. :))


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