Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sound of angels

Late this afternoon I heard the most beautiful concert performed by the youth choir at Viborg Cathedral.

My dear niece Ida sings in the choir and I had looked so much forward to hearing her sing some wonderful Christmas hymns....I love to hear children and young people sing and the fact that the concert was in the breathtaking cathedral, also put a special feeling to it all.

I was NOT disappointed - it was SO beautiful and solemn. Every time I looked at Ida I felt so touched meanwhile the gorgeous sounds filled my ears and heart.

Thank you so much dear Ida for the beautiful experience....


  1. Wow. That cathedral is stunning. So glad you were able to go to your niece's concert, Ulla. I have been wondering how you've been feeling since having surgery.

    Take care.

  2. Dear Katherine, thank you so much for your warm and caring words - you are really sweet :0))

    I just think that it was the most wonderful concert...I'm so happy that I could hear it. I placed myself near a big pillar in the cathedral, so I could stand up if neccesarry, without disturbing the whole crowd ;0)

    It's still very hard to sit for a long time, but my leg and back hurt less than before the surgery....Now I just need to rehabilitate both and hope that it keeps getting better.

    Take care too, Katherine :0))

  3. wow, very breathtaking cathedral! I can imagine the heavenly singing...!

  4. Barnekor er noko av det finaste! Spesielt når det er julesanger som står på programmet :)

    Håper det går bra med deg, og tusen takk for lykkeønskninger. Det gjorde godt!

  5. It was amazing, Christy! Viborg Cathedral is such a beautiful place - I always get overwhealed by the many paintings on the walls and ceiling and the greatness of the place.

    When it's filled with gorgeous singing it's even better :0)


    Jeg er fuldstændig enig, Bea. Det er så smukt. Jeg bliver altid så frygtelig rørt når jeg hører børn/unge synge. Og da min niece deltog var det endnu mere ;0)

    Det går langsomt bedre, Bea - men jeg ved at den slags tager tid, så jeg må væbne mig med tålmodighed! Det håber jeg også at du kan de næste seks uger med din finger! Godt at du kan lave lidt håndarbejde - og når bare operationen hjælper dig så er det det hele værd :0))

  6. It sounds wonderful and that place looks beautiful.


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