Friday, December 26, 2008

Laid back knitting

The last week before Christmas eve I have finally been able to make a bit creative stuff....all though I had to lie down half of the time while knitting! But now I know that it's possible...

I had started this sweater for my sister in November. It was meant to be a Christmas present for her.

The pattern is from Hjertegarn and the yarn is soft wool - Lima. I didn't want some itchy yarn for my sister ;0)

But when I all of a sudden had to go to hospital in the beginning of December, I thought to myself that my sister would have to settle for a sweater without sleeves for a while!

Home from hospital I didn't feel fit to knit, but at the same time I really needed to make something with my hands......and I thought that it was so annoying that I couldn't finish the present in time for Christmas. All I had to do was let time pass by.

Luckily it all got a bit better later on and I started working on the sweater. Due to the big needles it didn't take that long to get it done.

Then I only had to wait and see if she liked it and whether it would fit? I did however have some secret conversations with my brother in law, where he told me the measurements of my sister's arms. (Secretly taken from an old sweater of hers).

She liked it!! And now Anne-Sophie would love one too.....


  1. It truly is a beautiful sweater, Ulla!
    Lucky sister;o)

    I'm glad, that you are able to knit again; it's nice to have something to do with your hands...

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hvor er den bare blevet flot - Ulla. Og så strikket i liggende stillng. Det lyder ikke helt let.

    Heldige din søster ;-)

    Fortsat god jul (kan man vel sige ind til d. 30. december - ik?)

  3. Thank you very much, Iinu :0)
    It was a fun sweater to knit - I like knitting patterns...It feels like it goes faster when knitting patterns ;0)

    I totally agree: it's so nice to be able to do a bit of crafting again! That's so hard to do without!

    Thanks - and a very nice weekend to you too :0)


    Mange tak, Gitte :0) Endelig noget færdigt fra min side. Stillingen er ikke anbefalelsesværdig - for sulen man bliver træt i armene ;0)

    Også en fortsat god jul til dig....i morgen ryger hele pivtøjet væk igen - op i julekisten ;0)

  4. That's gorgeous! I have the same pattern (I think) and yarn, except my jersey will be white with coloured stars!

  5. Thanks a lot, Tina :0) It was a wonderful sweater to knit, so you have a nice work ahead of you ;0)

    Your colour combination sounds beautiful...


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