Friday, May 30, 2008

New day ahead

The sun has decided to come today as well - not a bad choice at all if you ask me....

After walking the kids to school - just for the cosiness - I saw this georgeus Geranium at our local grocery. I adore the colour and although I already own several Dronning Ingrid Geraniums (which look a lot like this one) I don't mind having a look-alike....they make me smile!

Soon I will be off to buy some tulle for Anne-Sophie's costume for her last day at school on Monday. (I have promised her not to reveal what she is going to be, but later on you will see.....)

They students dress up on this particular day and they all buy loads - really LOADS - of caramels, which they throw into all the classrooms at the school.

Emil and Anne-Sophie have already made a secret agreement for her to throw some caramels in his direction.....(And I know that she wants to go for Oskar's class as well)

I have the shorts waiting for me too - I hope they will be done today.

The day is ahead and it's time for me to start. Otto has woken up.....that leaves no time in quietness!


  1. Ahhh - det er altså en helt speciel dag! Glæder mig til at se, hvordan hun skal klædes ud! Ha' en dejlig fredag! ;)

  2. Det er en helt særlig dag - sidste skoledag. Håber de er gået væk fra frosne karameller - det kan jeg huske var et hit i en periode - av, hvor gjorde det ondt at blive ramt af sådan en!

    Elsker også Dronning Ingrid pelagonier - et fast indslag på terassen hvert år!

    God fornøjelse med shortsene - også min plan - bare ét par!


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