Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Strawberry mittens

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Third time lucky is hopefully what I will experience with the mittens I'm making - for the third time! - for my sister. I wonder whether she gets to use them before winter has turned into spring. I will knit as fast as I can!

The first attempt was a misery and I shall say no more about them, but I actually thought, that the second pair would be perfect.

But - as you can see in the picture - they sure didn't go well either! There was a little "thumb issue" with these striped ones.
So, I decided to make a third mitten attempt...this time with strawberries. So far it's going okay....

I found the pattern made by Spilly Jane Knits on ravelry, but you can also buy it in her etsy shop - right here.


  1. The strawberries are adorable!

  2. What a patient person you are dear Ulla! THREE times you started again!

    The strawberries are looking so fresh, your sister can wear them in spring/summer also I think (if it would not be too hot).

    Big hug, I am expecting my camera to call in an hour it is landed happyly in New York... first time ever we are apart so many many kilometers!

    Big hug to you and have a nice weekend (the kids and I are off to my eldest friend at Cologne tomorrow - literally without a camera!!).

  3. oooh, so pretty. so far, so good! I am crossing my fingers for you (for luck!)

  4. oh my goodness - they are so gorgeous! you are so clever!! i can't wait to see them finished and i would wear them even if it was sweltering!

  5. Thank you very much, Stacy. :)) I love stawberries too....well, actually all kinds of berries. ;) And this particular kind is fun and easy to knit.


    Fallon, thanks a lot. :)) I loved that pattern the minute I saw it! And hopefully my sister will like the mittens as well. If I pull it off and don't make them look strange. ;))


    I am a patient person indeed, Nina but I must admit that starting for the 3rd time on a pair of mittens, almost made me loose my patience. ;))

    Your camera is a far way from home! Wouldn't you have loved to go with "it"? I hope it returns soon, your camera.
    And you and your sweet children must have a wonderful trip tomorrow...I wouldn't mind going to Cologne!

    Take care, Nina and enjoy the days at your friend's house. :))

    Big hugs,


    I'm so glad that you are crossing your fingers, Larissa...I sure need it! :))
    I don't know why the other 2 pairs didn't work out well - but I want the mittens for my sister to be perfect. They are actually a part of an advent gift...from last year's Christmas! Quite embarrasing for me, isn't it! ;))


    Oh, Louise! I like your comment and laughed when thinking of mittens worn on a hot summer's day - thank you very much:))

    Maybe the weather will be hot before I'm done! ;)) I sure had my share of attempts...I think I will be hoping for a snowy winter next Christmas. ;))

  6. I love the strawberry ones!!

  7. Thanks for the link to buy the PDF....I'm in LOVE with the strawberries!!!


  8. So do I, Di. :)) The designer even made patterns for mittens with pears, gnomes and cupcakes! :))


    My pleasure Maureen. :)) The pattern is easy and nice, and there are loads of other patterns to buy as well.
    Soon I will be done with the first mitten. Maybe there is hope for my sister! A bit of snow might be left when they are done. ;))


  9. The strawberries are adorable. Walk away from those other cursed mittens for awhile, I bet that it's problems will grow smaller.

  10. Sikke dog nogle herlige vanter! Din søster MÅ absolut blive rigtigt glad.
    men, øhm... jeg kan slet ikke se, hvad der er gået galt med de stribede?

  11. Thanks a lot, illu-mina. :)) I think it's a nice and fresh touch for a cold and sometimes grey winter. Colors always make me smile. :))


    How sweet of you to say so, craftivore. :)) I bet that you are right. Maybe I feel like unravelling the 2nd pair of mittens and correct the mistake, when I haven't looked at them for a while. :))


    1000 tak, Rosanna. :)) Jeg håber at hun kan lide dem - også selvom vinteren er på retur!
    Fejlen ved de stribede vanter er, at stykket mellem tommelfingeren og den grønne spids simpelthen er for kort. Åh, det var træls! ;))

    Rigtig god weekend!

  12. I love the strawberry pattern!


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