Saturday, March 06, 2010

D'jo Hanne became the 3rd

I can hardly believe it. Today I got my 3rd give away prize in the mail! A lovely bag for my mobile phone.

Perfect for someone like me, who always manage to pick up the phone too late, because it has "disappeared" in my bag!

This time is was D'jo Hanne who had a lovely give away on her blog. Hanne has her own studio and makes the most wonderful things. She works with numerous materials and she's simply amazing with them all.

Felt, leather, fabric, yarn, beads, paper - you name it! To describe Hanne's work is almost impossible and not at all sufficient. Words are not the are needed. So I strongly recommend you to see her beautiful work on her website.

My mobile bag was also a mix of materials and lovely details....and while I wore it today butterflies must have left the fabric to spread a little spring. Thanks a million, Hanne. ;)


  1. Lucky you, dear Ulla! I love the fabric, I used the same design (though all the butterflies in smoky-blue) for the Winter Child Doll - and I might even make myself a summer of that fabric...

    A very warm hug through the snow, Juliane

  2. ~Lucky you!!~
    What a cute bag for your phone!


  3. Hvor dejligt. Tillykke ;-)

  4. Thank you all...I feel so lucky to have won this gíve away too. :))

  5. Du er bare så heldig! Sikke nogle skønne ting, du har vundet. Det må være herligt at tømme postkasse hos dig for tiden, ikke? :O)

  6. Hvor er den fin, den taske til mobilen:-)
    Du da bare for heldig Ulla, men det er så absolut fortjent..


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