Thursday, August 28, 2008


When my mother had a stroke 6 years ago, I met a woman which was in the same hospital ward as my mother. That woman had had a fall with her bicycle. She hit her head and not being able to remember - or do - the most simple everyday doings, was just one of the consequeces of her fall. I don't know whether she wore a helmet, but I don't assume she did concidering the damage to her brain.

To wear a helmet when I bike, is not a thing which I can boast with! (My dear - and more courageous - sister already has one. Well done, Lotte!!)

I, however, have 100 excuses not to have one, whenever my children have asked why I don't have to wear one.....(It's too warm, it's too clumsy, it doesn't fit properly, it's not smart, it makes your hair fuzzy - you name it!)

But I must admit that lately I have actually considered to buy one - the point of wearing one is crystal clear:

And I do love my brain......

...and the helmets are not that bad looking anymore - they even come with dots, flowers and stars! The shape is rather smart as well - like a skater helmet.

Now all I have to do, is to get up my courage.....


  1. Lad os gøre det, Ulla. Min svoger havde et uheld for to dage siden. Cykelhjelmen var bagefter i to halvdele. Nu skal det være!!

  2. YOU HAVE TO GET AN HELMET!!! Did I make myself clear!!! Until last month, when I got a bike, I was so not into (like not at stupid helmet) the idea of wearing an helmet but at work everybody has one and Dan wouldn't let me use my bike if I was not wearing one. So anyway, I go one and I was feeling like a loser for a few days. But don't ask me why but now (after 3 weeks of going to work with my a big city full of bus and cars...!!!) when I see people without helmet I get upset. I just feel so good about doing this for me and my head ;) Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I tried those cute helmets (love the polka dot one) but I looked like an idiot (or a -blip- head)! So I got this one
    Take care...of your head! xoxox

  3. Du har fuldstændig ret, Mette! Din svogers uheld viser bare hvor vigtigt det er at bruge en hjelm. Og jeg kan stadig ikke glemme den kvinde på neurologisk afdeling. Hun gik rundt uden en skramme på kroppen, men kunne overhovedet ikke gøre de mest basale ting. Jeg husker også hvor fortvivlet hendes stakkels mand så ud...
    Heldigvis kan man træne sig til meget når det gælder hjernen - det har vi erfaret med min mor.
    Så, Mette vi må have købt én.....


    I absolutly hear what you say, Claudia. I know you are right, it's just the step from thinking about it to actually doing it, which is rather hard.

    The other day a little friend of ours had a bad fall on his bike, and thanks to his helmet he didn't hurt his head - besides getting a headache....that made me think about getting a helmet again.

    Thanks for caring, Claudia xoxox.

  4. Ja, min er bestilt og forhåbentlig snart på vej til mig. Det blev den blomstrede! Tak for påmindelsen.

  5. GODT GÅET, Mette! Jeg er indgået i forhandlinger med Emil om et gavekort til en cykelhandel, som han har fået. Han vil nemlig gerne have en boremaskine i stedet for!!


    Hav det godt :0)


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