Monday, August 11, 2008

Otto - a yarn thief

Quite a few times Otto has tried to walk quietly - and in his eyes completely invisibly - into the livingroom, while heading towards my basket with some of my yarn....

Sometimes he succeed - like yesterday when he took this skein of wool. And ran as fast as he could into the utility room and jumped into his dog basket. Then tried to show an attitude which was so innocent. I could almost hear him say, "me? I have been laying here for a loooooooong time...."

He does however know, that it's not a good thing to steal my yarn...just see how guilty he looks!


  1. Ja, uskyldig ser han ud søde Otto - og noget så kær. Tror gerne Tiio ville være med til den der "leg" ;0)

  2. Hej igen ;0) Lyserøde bobler passer vist godt til planten i dit tidligere indlæg Ulla ....... den er rigtig sød og jeg må blankt erkende at jeg kender den ikke ;0)

  3. just like Brian...except that Brian takes yarn, fabric and my underwears when we are doing the laundry! NOT nice!

  4. My little guy does exactly the same thing. He loves to chew up my knitting needles too - that is not so cute!

  5. Han har bestemt ikke gjort noget, den kære Otto - ihvert tilfælde ikke ifølge ham selv!

    Det er lidt af en kamp at få ham til at slippe garnet igen, uden at det gør helt i stykker...

    Jeg elsker den lille blomst, Dorte. Har overvejet at bruge den som bunddække...


    Shoes are great fun for Otto - and socks (good thing that he doesn't take our underwear!!!!)

    Your Brian really made me laugh, Claudia...had a picture in my head


    I definitely see the problem in that, rachel rabbit! It's not easy to knit with that kind of chewed up knitting needles ;0)


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