Monday, July 21, 2008

Vier Stern

While we were in Skagen I got a nice award. It was this one:

And it was given to me by Astrid - thank you so much Astrid.....that really made me happy :0)

I "found" Astrid on flickr, where she posts wonderful pictures of her children and georgeous crafts. You should go have a look at her blog - connecting the dots.

The award has to be passed on to 3 blogs I frequently read and get inspired by - so here we go:

Eaviola - for being a very inspirering blog. I really like the things she makes...

Iinuland - because of the sweetness which this blogs simply sends out in blogworld, and because of the wonderful childrens' clothes.

Kreativiteter - for being one of my all time favourite blogs. I love the creativity and funny spirit on this blog.

The 3 of you now have to give the award to 3 blogs each, which you enjoy....


  1. rosanna@eaviola.dk21 July, 2008 14:07

    TAK.... tusind tusind tak!!!!!
    Åh hvor bliver jeg glad for at læse den post!!!!

  2. This was pleasent suprise! Thank you so much, Ulla:o)

  3. Det var bestemt så lidt, Rosanna. Fornøjelsen er min :0)

    You are very welcome, Iinu! I enjoy your blog so much :0)

  4. Ulla, tusinde tak for den søde anbefaling! Jeg har haft min mor på besøg de sidste dage, så jeg har ikke fået læst mine normale blogs - eller postet for den sags skyld! Man kommer jo lidt bagud - men hvor var det sødt af dig! :)


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