Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skateboard dreams

These days we have been hearing a lot about skating and skateboards. (Not an uncommen thing, since Emil talkes about skating every day.) The sudden increase is caused by the fact, that Emil's birthday is coming up in the begining of August, and his very big birthdaywish is this board:

LADD ASBURY 7,5 from Plan B.....If he doesn't gets it, he is going to buy it for his own savings....We will see!

Saturday we had another skate related experience. We went to a skatehouse for the very first time.

Emil has talked and talked about it for so long - he thinks that American boys and girls are extremly lucky to have more places to skate. A possibility we lack in our little town!!

So we went to a place called "Minihuset" and this is how the skatehouse looked like....

Emil was a bit nervous at the beginning, because he was afraid that the other boys would laugh at him if he fell - and he was the youngest one there.

After observing the skating boys for a little while, he finally tried out the ramps. It was such a joy to watch him....he enjoyed himself SO much!! Christian & I simply couldn't help smiling...

No one laughed at all and all the boys there were very nice.


  1. I think it's great that Emil at his young age is passionate about skateboarding :) My little one likes to stand on his dad's snowboard/balancing board and pretend he's skateboarding. He idolizes my husbands students who's cute:) Hope your summer is going great!
    ~Christine :)

  2. Such a wonderful comment to read, Christine. Thank you so much :0)

    I'm really happy that Emil loves skateboarding from the bottom of his heart. He got his first board when he was 3 years old, and various boards practically haven't left his feet since ;0)

    Going to the skatehouse was such an amazing experience for him. He was treated with such respect and admiration by the older skaters...
    That went straight to my soft mother heart!
    Actually Emil loves snowboarding as well!

    I can almost see your beautiful son on his dad's snowboard. It's funny and cute to watch, when our children do those sort of things, which show their love and admiration towards their parents.

    Our summer is going great, thanks. The weather is SO fantastic - warm and sunny!!
    Have a wonderful summer with your family, Christine :0)


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