Sunday, January 08, 2012

I had better get started...

...looking for gorgeous books in this new year we have in our hands.

And what could be better than a bit of crocheting? I didn't get all satisfied with myself and my crochet skills last year, but I took a few steps up the ladder. I intend to go even further this year - it's still a big dream of mine to make a granny blanket.

These 2 books are a suggestion on how to work on my skills and get new ideas. They are both French, but hopefully we can translate ourselves out of that problem..

Granny Folies à crocheter is written by Cécile Franconie and will become available on the 2nd of February.

Crochet Premières lecons is even closer to become published - it can be bought from the 19th of January. Véronique Chermette is the author .

Maybe the 2 frontpages have tempted you too?


  1. I have never seen these books and they're so beautiful!
    I started crocheting without any patterns or knowledge, two kind friends especially have helped me, I'm sure you will love it ...
    Barbara x

  2. I really think that they look promising too, Barbara.
    What a wonderful way to learn how to crochet. So you both got new skills and a cozy moment with friends. Lovely. :))

    I can feel that I'm going to be so hooked (I couldn't help it ;)) on this kind of craft. It definitely has loads of possibilties in it. :))

    Ulla x


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