Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did anyone say Donuts??

Having lived in London with a Dunkin' Donuts nearby, I have grown fond of these round cakes. Not so much in the "eating them way" - had too much of them in London!! - but more in the "love the shape and colors way".

So when I saw this fabulous fabric from Michael Miller here, there was no hesitation from my side. This I had to have.....

So, now it has arrived - I have so many ideas for what to make out of it. Maybe something round with a hole in the middle...


  1. Yummie dear Ulla!

    Big hug


  2. MUMS :-) Rigtig god fornøjelse ,måske et lille skørt til dig selv???

  3. Med din historie, havde du jo intet valg- det stof var jo dit :-)

  4. you ain't had a donut until you wrap your lips around a Krispy Kreme. mmm mm! that's cute fabric though.

  5. Sikken sød æske - og skønt stof!

  6. Thank you so much all of you. :)) I sure love donuts...eatable or not. ;))

    Have a wonderful day. :))


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