Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage pattern

B2829Gallery, originally uploaded by sandritocat.

The other day I bought this fantastic vintage pattern at Sandritocat. It's an old Butterick pattern from the 60ties, but I think the shape of the tunic/dress is so up to date. The simplicity and the a-line is just what I love.

I adore looking at patterns for women's dresses from older days - especially the beautiful ones from the 50ties. They are so elegant. And the children's clothes patterns make me remember some of the clothes my mother sewed for me in the 70ties, when I was a child.

You should definitely have a look at the etsy shop, if you would like patterns, which aren't used by everyone...


  1. You are right, dear Ulla. These patterns are great and I might want to look for one myself.

    The dress for the grown ups looks like Doris Day dresses in her movies and they really look so well dressed and elegant - I wonder if it would suite us??

    Big hug and have a great weekend,


  2. I love these patterns and love your blog! pretty and so inspirtational. Thanks!...alison

  3. Jeg var på messe i Fredericia idag og faldt over denne butik, som du sikkert allerede kender?
    Jeg kom ihvertfald til at tænke på dig :O)
    Ha' en rigtig god week-end

    ps... det bliver spændende at se hvad du tryller frem

  4. totally utterly jealous of this pattern of yours. i went right over to her etsy shop and ended up buying 3 patterns for my girls. ha! as if I need more unmade patterns.

  5. I check out Sandritocat's photostream on virtually every week for inspiration. I adore her vintage pattern collection, and have purchased a few myself. But even just the front covers have inspired me as well. In fact, that little a-line with the buttons down the side is so close to a design I drafted from an existing pattern, inspired by none other than a pic from Sandritocat! I've found the vintage pattern directions to be a bit odd, but if you know your way around a pattern, you can almost always get by without the directions. Inspiring as always!


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