Friday, December 12, 2008

A pixie stopped by

This WONDERFUL woman knows her way around pixies....I even suspect her of having one of her own!!! Because there he was all of a sudden, the little fellow - standing on my doorstep with a big envelope on his back. Cold and tired from the long journey, but determined to give me the package, which he carefully reached me with his little pixie arms. "I come from the most cozy village in Denmark!", he said while taking of his clogs. Of course he had to get a refreshment and something hot for his throat, and a decent pixie never keeps his clogs on in new homes... "You are very welcome" I said to the post pixie, and was keen on seing what was inside of the envelope. I carefully opened it and this is the treasure which was revealed from the fragile, golden paper it was wrapped in:

"Ohhhhh!!!" was the only thing I could say, when I saw the contence of the gift. And I felt a big smile inside of my body. Never had I seen Christmas ornaments like these - BEAUTIFUL!!! "Have you read the card??" the pixie asked me, while he was sipping his warm beer. "I always start by looking at the card", I ensured him.....hoping that pixies are unable to see tears in the eyes of soft women. Surely the giver of this amazing gift was a woman with a splendid sense for beauty, and a woman with a very warm and caring heart. "Well, I had better be off" the pixie said to me in a very pixie-like way. "Do remember to send my best wishes and loving thanks to the gorgeous woman, in the most cozy village" I told the pixie.....but he was no longer in my house. His tiny footprints in my hall were the only signs of him ever being there..... Hopefully he has allready returned to the house of the sweet woman in the most cozy village. I'm so happy and grateful that Anne made him come my way........ :0)))


  1. Skøn skøn julepynt du der har fået.
    Jeg håber at nissefamilien har fået hovederne fastgjort igen. Man kan aldrig vide hvad hovedløse nisser kan finde på.

  2. Ja det er bare helt fantastisk, Hanne!! Hun er simpelthen en enestående kvinde hende Anne :0)

    Nisserne ligger stadig og venter på deres hoveder - i morgen er dagen hvor de forhåbentlig igen kan pryde huset på en anstændig måde ;0)


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